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"Every day, about 140 tonnes of clothes are thrown away in the world"


The sustainable and eco-friendly company Re_branded cashmere was founded in Italy in 2015. The young and innovative label has made it its mission to combine sustainability and respect for our environment with modern and classic designs and to recycle cashmere. In keeping with the trend of the times, the label's firstzero waste collection was created. Zero Waste - production entirely without waste products. Sustainability is particularly important to the young company when it comes to cashmere, the most precious yarn in the world. Because: Only once a year, the warm and soft undercoat is obtained from the first combing of the cashmere goat, approx. 150 grams per animal. For one jumper, usually six to seven goats have to let go of their undercoat.

recyceled cashmere

How is recycled cashmere made?

The self-developed process of developing new yarns from used cashmere creates unique knitwear and accessories


Re_branded acquires an average of 50 tonnes of used cashmere clothing every month, which would otherwise have literally ended up "in the bin"


The fabric is thoroughly cleaned, sorted by colour and then further processed in a mechanical process, without further dyeing processes and chemicals, which allows it to be reused and recycled.

The recycled cashmere yarn now created is knitted into classic modern pieces and given a new lease of life. All pieces are 100% cashmere, made entirely from recycled material.

re_branded cashmere

Is recycled cashmere inferior?

Whoever is now worried that recycled cashmere might be second-rate in some way can rest assured. The recycled cashmere yarn is in no way inferior to the conventional one. It has the same soft, warming and climate-balancing properties. Since the newly spun recycled yarn is spun a little tighter, the fibre strength even reduces the pilling, which is completely normal with cashmere, enormously.

The Re_branded


The company Re_branded is divided into three divisions:

  1. Re_branded - The production of eco-friendly knitwear made from recycled cashmere.
  2. Re_fabric - The manufacture of soft jersey fabrics from recycled cashmere
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  4. Re-home - The manufacture of home furniture, and accessories from cashmere
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    The label Re_branded cashmere has managed to give the most precious natural fibre cashmere a new life with its idea and the need for ecological sustainability.

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